Focus and Scope

Integritas: Jurnal Teologi is an online that has the purpose to provide the latest research conceptual analysis, and other pertaining issues that has relation with the study of Theology, Religious Education, and Christian Leadership. The goal of having this online journal is to bring advancement to the academic scope of higher education both for the STT Jaffray Jakarta and also provide knowledge for the general audience within the higher education scope and also as part of fulfilling the responsibility of the Higher Education’s Threefold purpose. Integritas Journal of Theology provides articles related to: the development of Christian Theology, Biblical Study, Christian Education Study, and in addition the study of Christian Leadership.

Publication Frequency

Integritas: Jurnal Teologi is published twice in a year, and it covers the month of June and December.

Open Access Policy

Integritas: Jurnal Teologi provides open access – that basically gives opportunity for any possible candidate who have qualification as a learner in order to conduct research in a orderly manner and also have responsibility for the development and implementation of knowledge for the advancement of first the church but also for the community service in general.

Peer Review Process

The manuscript that will be submitted will go through a peer review process. Submission of manuscript will be reviewed first and will be selected by the Editor and team. The purpose of doing this is to ensure whether the script meets the objective and scope of the journal’s manuscript submission guidelines. A manuscript that has been submitted and have met the guidelines for the journal’s acceptence will be rechecked by two Reviewers. One of the reviewer is selected from outside source (it can be from Indonesia or from overseas). The manuscript already reviewed will be sent to an anonymous reviewer. The anonymous reviewer will then send back the script to the writter (author). The decision of whether to revise the manuscript will determined in an evaluation meeting the board and or editorial staff and the final decision will be sent to the author via email.