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All Rights Reserved.</p> William Tyndale pada Penerjemahan Alkitab dan Implikasinya bagi Teologi Reformed Injili <p><em>William Tyndale's efforts to translate the Bible into English had an impact on the spread of the Bible in society and the development of evangelical reformed theology. This article aims to find and provide an introduction to William Tyndale's theology on Bible translation efforts and its implications for evangelical reformed theology. The writing method used is a systematic theological study with descriptive analysis. The results found are that the church is never separated from the people, thus advancing the ministry of the people and having the belief that every devotee has the right to read, understand the Scriptures, and warn teachers and pastors when they deviate. All work is a holy calling and doing it for Christ.</em></p> Andreas Setiawan Agus Santoso Bobby Kurnia Putrawan ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2022-06-15 2022-06-15 4 1 1 15 10.47628/ijt.v4i1.98 Relasi Allah dalam Panggilan Yesaya: Studi Kata ’ăḏōnāy, kissê, dan YHWH ṣəḇā’ōwṯ Berdasarkan Yesaya 6:1-13 <p>Book of Isaiah has many uses of figurative language styles (such as: metaphor, simile, metonymy, etc.), including the call of Isaiah (6:1-13). This article is unique in its interpretation of the study of the words “<em>’ăḏōnāy,</em>” “<em>kissê,</em>” and “<em>YHWH </em><em>ṣəḇā’ōwṯ</em>” by paying attention to the overall structure of Isaiah 6:1-13. As a result, by using sub-hermeneutic qualitative studies, especially word-study, this article finds two synthesizing combinations of the emphasis on the meaning of the “<em>’ăḏōnāy,</em>” “<em>kissê,</em>” and “<em>YHWH </em><em>ṣəḇā’ōwṯ</em>” in the structure of Isaiah 6:1-13 . First, the words “<em>’ăḏōnāy,</em>” “<em>kissê,</em>” and “<em>YHWH </em><em>ṣəḇā’ōwṯ</em>” show God's power over his creation and attach importance to His dignity as king. second, the words above focus on the relationship between God and humans (Isaiah, Israel) who worship&nbsp; and serve Him as God who has authority over His creation.</p> Farel Yosua Sualang Samgar Setia Budhi ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2022-06-20 2022-06-20 4 1 16 33 10.47628/ijt.v4i1.89 Makna Solitary Life dari Buku the Spiritual World of Isaac the Syrian <p>This article examines the important meaning of solitary life from the book The Spiritual World of Isaac the Syrian in human life, especially for Christians today. The author explains the benefits and goals of solitary life in human life, namely how one's relationship with God is intimate and personal. This research method is a literature study by analyzing books and collecting various other sources from journal articles related to the topic of this article. The author concludes that according to Isaac, solitary life helps each person to be close, enjoy, feel, and experience God personally. By living solitary the intimate experience with God deepens. In addition, solitary life can not only be done in certain places, but wherever and whenever and anyone can feel and enjoy God through hasychasm, prayer in the heart, God's love and purification of the soul so that they are getting closer to God every day.</p> Dame hati Gulo Hendi Hendi ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2022-06-21 2022-06-21 4 1 34 47 10.47628/ijt.v4i1.97 Implementasi Pendidikan Warga Gereja Meneguhkan Sikap Etika Moral Menjawab Pengaruh Disrupsi Teknologi <p>This article is based on empirical observation concerning the impact of information and communication technology disruptions upon global, regional, national, and local communities around the globe. The methodology and methods implemented in this research is qualitative in nature and literature descriptive analysis methods to analyse core concepts and to display findings about how to implement Education of Church Members to strengthen ethics and moral life in facing the impacts of information and communication technology disruption. The process implemented in this research is started by determining core concepts, analysing, displaying the findings, and making some propositions in conclusion. The final aim is to equip church members in Biblical ethics and moral teachings to strengthen their spiritual life in facing the 21st Century technological challenges in present situations.</p> Emilia Mude ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2022-06-22 2022-06-22 4 1 48 61 10.47628/ijt.v4i1.102 Urgensi Kepemimpinan Multidimensi Gembala dalam Era Digital <p>Multi dimension shepherd leadership is urgent in the digital age. They move with this model in their vision and insight into the socio-cultural transformation of ordinary people to digital. Shepherd is experiencing mental and emotional health problems. They choose to withdraw from church services because of fatigue, loneliness, and mental disorders. The question what is the meaning of multi-dimension pastoral leadership? What form of multi-dimension leadership is needed? And what strategies can be developed? The purpose of the research is to explain the meaning of multi-dimension pastoral leadership, describe emotional intelligence as an integral part of balanced multi-dimension leadership, and describe the strategies that can be carried out in the development of multidimensional pastoral leadership. The research method used with a qualitative description explores the understanding of multi-dimension leadership in general and its current development. Then the discussion of the shepherd's emotional intelligence continued with the stages and dimensions that can be applied, the description of the multi-dimension leadership service strategy physically and virtually. The result is that multi-dimension leadership relies on the shepherd's emotional intelligence in communication, interaction, innovation, and creativity; Leadership is evolving and is greatly appreciated. Shepherds have multidimensional abilities creating breakthroughs in responding to these challenges</p> Joni Manumpak Parulian Gultom ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2022-06-27 2022-06-27 4 1 62 77 10.47628/ijt.v4i1.101 Relevansi Pelayanan Visitasi Pastoral Berdasarkan Yohanes 10:11-15 di Lingkungan GMIT Kanaan Naimata <p>The congregation has not fully felt the pastor's presence in stewardship. Pastors in carrying out pastoral services have not been felt optimally. This is presumably because the pastor will not know about the congregation's problems. Pastors are only busy with organizational activities rather than addressing congregational problems. This paper arises from the author's anxiety due to the lack of direct pastoral visits or social media. There are church members who struggle after being laid off, the struggle of a widow, infidelity and the church's activeness in worship. The purpose of this paper is to motivate the pastor as the pastor to optimize service to the congregation. This study uses a qualitative descriptive analysis approach. A pastor gives himself to listen and observe the situation of his congregation actively. This service is carried out through pastoral visitations. Pastors must respect the privacy of the congregation. It is related to the problem described. The pastor came to know his congregation, not just a meeting in the church building. But he is here to provide solutions to church problems.</p> Marselina Bua Ezra Tari ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2022-06-29 2022-06-29 4 1 78 88 10.47628/ijt.v4i1.112 Konsep Ketamakan Menurut Injil Lukas 12:13-21: Sebuah Analisis Perumpamaan Yesus <p>The Concept of Greed According to the Gospel Luke 12:13-21: An Analysis of Jesus' Parables. This study aims to describe the meaning of greed from Jesus' Parable of the Rich Fool. This research is the result of the interpretation of the Scriptures using the Four Layers of Meaning in the Scriptures method to find meaning in parables and then integrate them with other biblical texts and the writings of the Church Fathers. Based on the analysis of the text of Luke 12:13-21, the writer finds that greed is a dangerous disease because it can damage human virtues for the sake of eternal life. Humans must live naturally in accordance with the purpose of God creating humans. Therefore, the greed that arises from within humans comes from the wealth of the world so that it makes humans look stupid by Allah and consequently humans are poor in front of Allah.</p> Margareta Ruy Hendi Hendi ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2022-06-29 2022-06-29 4 1 89 103 10.47628/ijt.v4i1.96